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Creating a Database with MS Access 97

Note: Access 2000 is not compatible with MySQL and the MySQL ODBC drivers. This means that it is not possible to send or receive data to or from the MySQL server with Access 2000. Access 97 is the only Access version that works at this time. Future releases of the MyODBC driver may rectify this issue.

To create a database/table in MS Access 97:

  1. Open Access
  2. Select Database Wizard.
  3. Click on the General tab, select Blank Database.
  4. On the File New Database, save in Desktop | File name: db1 | click Create.
  5. Click NEW | select DATA SHEET VIEW | Click OK.
  6. Change the names of the first 5 fields to one, two, three, four, five.
  7. Delete the remaining 15 columns.
  8. Save the table as mytable.
  9. If prompted for Primary Key, just click YES.
  10. Now type a person's name in each cell (one person per cell).
  11. Save
  12. Now click FILE | SAVE AS EXPORT | To External File or Database | OK
  13. Save in Desktop | Filename: mytable | Save as type: odbc
  14. Export mytable to mytable in ODBC Database | OK
  15. File Data Source: DSN name: MS Access 97 database.
  16. Machine Data Source: select yourusername | OK