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Setting Up the MyODBC Driver

Another way of connecting is through the use of ODBC. Although ODBC is currently not supported from the Web hosting servers, it may be installed locally on your home or office workstation. It provides a convenient way to upload and download data to the MySQL server.

It is necessary to obtain the MyODBC drivers from the MySQL Web site. Once installed, a number of different ODBC compliant applications (such as MS Excel and MS Access) can be configured to connect to the database.

The MyODBC driver must be installed correctly on the client workstation using the values given below for database, hostname, username and password. In addition, if required, the port is 3306.

The MyODBC drivers can be found at: http://www.mysql.com/downloads/api-myodbc.html for Windows 95/98/NT and Unix client workstations.

To configure your PC for a MyODBC connect with MS Access/Excel you need to go to the link above and download the 1.47MB file (myodbc-2_50_24-win95.zip) from the following link: "MyODBC 2.50.24 for Windows95 (full setup)"

After downloading to your desktop, create a folder called myodbc and unzip the downloaded file to the folder. Inside the MyODBC folder there is a Setup.exe file that will install the MyODBC. Before attempting to install the driver, be sure to close all windows programs first. After set up you must configure the driver for a connection.

To configure the MyODBC driver:

  • Highlight the MyODBC driver, click CONFIGURE.
  • Windows DSN Name: yourusername
  • MySQL Host: (The IP will be issue at sign up)
  • MySQL Database Name: yourusername
  • User: yourusername
  • Password: yourpassword
  • Port: (Leave empty)
  • SQL Command on connect: use yourusername
  • Leave all the check boxes blank, click OK.