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Common Question and Answers

Q. How should I configure my FTP program?

A.  Your username should be configured as ____ Your password should be configured as (unless you have changed it)________ Your host name should be configured as ________ Your default directory should be left blank (if you are prompted for this option) All other options should not be needed for normal access.

Q. I've loaded my web pages but still get the JPWorld.com page. Why?

A. When we set up a new account, we put in a default.htm file to get you started. You can either replace this file or simply delete it.

Q.  What are CGI-BIN, PUBLIC, and PRIVATE directories?

A.  In order to make it easier for you we have created directories called CGI-BIN, PUBLIC, and PRIVATE in your root directory.  Experienced users can easily configure these directories but beginners should use them as follows.

PUBLIC -Put any files, images, or other public information that you want anyone to have access to into this directory.

PRIVATE-Put any files, images, or other private information that you do not want the world to have access to into this directory.

CGI-BIN-Put any executable programs such as counters, guestbooks or other programs into this directory.

Q. How do I setup SQL?
A. Please visit the SQL page.

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