Web Site Design

Step 6: Submit Your Site to the Search Engines Every Month

Let's say that a patient is looking for a wheelchair lift for your van in your town. He goes to Yahoo! (or any of a dozen major search engines) and types in: wheelchair lift Pa

Of course, when you build your site, you have to be sure to go to each of the different search engines, and submit your site information to them (it's about a two hour job and you should try to do it every month). That way, when a prospective patient does a search, your site information will pop right up at the top of the heap.

However, if you didn't do this (time-consuming) work, the search engines won't be able to find you.

Oh, and don't forget to include meta tags within your web pages. Meta tags are special instructions that tell the search engines what your website is about: it specifies keywords and provides the search engines with a short description of your site. Without meta tags, some search engines will ignore your site completely.

Step 7: Send a Newsletter