MySQL is a relational database server that understands SQL (Structured Query Language) queries. The actual server software resides on a server separate from your Web site server. MySQL can be used to store data for convenient retrieval. It is available as an advanced feature on all hosting accounts that are Plan 2 and above.


While JP's High Tech World, Inc. does not offer technical support for creating databases and applications for MySQL, please visit the links below for additional information.

  • What is MySQL - provides general information about MySQL excerpted from We've compiled some of the high points and provided more links to valuable resources.

  • Accessing your database with Perl - gives you the basics of connecting to your database using perl scripts.

  • ODBC Drivers - helps you configure your Windows PC for using the MyODBC drivers to connect with MicroSoft Access and Excel.

  • Using MS Access with the MyODBC drivers.

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